AFA !!! Carlos Noronha Feio - Ilja Karilampi - Daniel Keller - - Fabio Santacroce

- Bari, 21th September 2014 -

"Afa" is the current local weather condition (after the past two breezy weeks that made me think hot summer was finally over) and it's so tiring that makes you feel weak, irritable, lazy and unable to find a reasonable cover image for this off-site project taking place in an abandoned bank office in Via Manzoni 84, Bari.

Afa will be part of a urban festival organized by Pop Hub Bari, aimed to reactivate abandoned spaces and areas in the city.

It will be a three day event, where to show off, chill out and see Carlos Noronha Feio's pseudo-luxury silk scarfs MATTER OF TRUST (Art 4 Debt 4 global citizenry), Joey Villemont's anti-stress online project RELAAX.IN, CAAAPITAAAL by Fabio Santacroce, new cut vinyls by Ilja Karilampi and Daniel Keller's driftwood from Bari with "BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY" (Eclectic OffShore)" audio file.

Afa - 25 - 27 September 2014

10-12.30 / 17 - 20

Opening: thursday 25th september, 7 pm - Via Manzoni 84, Bari


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