63rd - 77th STEPS is a project space founded and run by the artist Fabio Santacroce. The name refers to the final part of a multi-floor staircase (the area between 63 ° and 77 ° step), inside a building from the beginning of the XX century in Bari.

The program exists in different formats: site-specific exhibitions are alternated with on-line and off-site projects, meant as an extension of the physical and symbolic space.

63rd-77th STEPS strains and investigates the limits and potentialities of the periphery, redefining its spatial and temporal framework within a hyper-connected, hegemonic geography.





63rd-77th STEPS is a non-profit organisation dedicated to contemporary art practice. You can help and support the project.

If you are interested to learn more about how to donate, please e-mail 63rd77thsteps@gmail.com . All donations can be treated with absolute confidentiality.





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