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After the collaboration for the soundtrack of TECHNO CASA – AN INTRODUCTION TO, Riccardo Benassi and Margarteth Kammerer team up again for "Every Casa is Techno Casa", a DOWNLOADABLE site-specific ringtone for 63rd-77thSTEPS - Art Project Staircase. Additional beats by Dj Bedo who already performed a long crazy double cut featured in Techno Casa - Attachment 7,02 Mb.




In a building, 

what some people call the floor, 
others call the ceiling… 
it’s relativity my dear!

Doormats are sign of civility, 
but also a badge of recognition, 
so the tenants decided to hang them next to their front doors. 

Trough this event,
hanging doormats to the wall — hanging doormats to the wall
art starts to inhabit the building… 
in the past they were may called 

Fly, fly, fly

The only flying carpets 

I’ve encountered in my life 

were doormats...


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