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Bari, July 2015

Only one survived. It was not the usual lucky one but the most voracious and yet the most timid. It seemed dazed, rusty but fair. It advanced jerkily, up and down. The silence, diluted with boiling air, thundered in its dry stomach and inflated the few breadcrumbs torn away from the recently disinfected earthenware floor.

The air also bumped against the high mosquito nets, seeping painfully through the thick metallic meshes while the fat children, dressed of love and deception, were not able to catch, silently, down in the courtyard. Probably there had been no time, effort and intuition to educate them at the essentiality of the warm summer silence. And every noise from outside sounded also as a roar in the stomach of the little ant that could contain, at most, only three crumbs of that authoritarian bread.

This needed, in fact, to be monitored and dragged away frantically before the time when, even the asphalt became crumbly. How heavy is usually a dry breadcrumb that falls mistakenly on the ground? And potentially, in the impact, how many micro crumbs does it fractionate into?

In any case, no one was in the apartment that afternoon, maybe they were all on the beach to roast their thick skins along with the unpunished lies. Meanwhile the fatty rice salad was earning flavor in the fridge.


Michael Assiff - Rosa Ciano - Liz Craft - Maja Cule - Ditte Gantriis - Uffe Isolotto - Bradford Kessler - Spencer Longo - Lucia Leuci - Pentti Monkkonen - Rolf Nowotny - Fabio Santacroce - Ilya Smirnov



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Lungomare A. Perotti, Bari