63rd-77th STEPS is pleased to present the second act of IL CIELO A CALCI - a performance by British artist Zoe Darling.

IL CIELO A CALCI (2) will be staged in the 4th floor corridor of the annex building at Citè Internationale Des Arts Paris, on 20th December 2017, from 7 to 9 pm.

The performance is the result of an ongoing collaboration between residents of The Citè and external contributors.

MUSIC: Rolf Gisler - VIDEO: Laura Schawelka - SET: Fabio Santacroce - PHOTO: Anaïs Berenice Horn - TEXT: Noah Warren


In the beginning bright red smeared the sky
the day opened like an egg
into intenser day in the beginning
a horror titillated the plastic apples
we chewed and chewed and chewed and chewed

We’re not mourning, we’re not even furious anymore
we’re just so hilarious we’re crying
all the way to the bank pumping
forgotten futures full of our steaming excess blood

What have you sacrificed in your sleep, o burghers,
on the kleig-lit altar of the ego? Youtubes
gluten Madonna flip phones unexplored sexual
identities of 1998 that lustrous moody aubergine
you couldn’t bring yourself to buy

If we’re not at war we’ll never know what it’s like
to war Call the war I’m a little sleepy
but my mouth is strong
the teams are you and you

Don’t look now but there’s glass in the soup
and it seems the sky is tilting down around us
like lovely scraps of worsted


Noah Warren






Zoe Darling - IL CIELO A CALCI (2) - Citè Internationale Des Arts - Paris